Imagine gliding across the dancefloor, the centre of everyone's attention,  on a cloud of low lying dry ice fog covering your dancefloor.

You can with our amazing Dancing On The Clouds experience that adds that special, magical touch to your first dance and makes for amazing pictures and videos. If you have a choreographed dance, the clouds will take it to another level. If you aren’t truly the best dancers in the world this effect will make your first dance extra special without adding any pressure for you to impress your guests with those slick, choreographed moves - and you will be amazed at how many pictures your wedding guests will take of your first dance. Why not take it to another level and add our Sparkular Spectacular too - the WOW factor of these two will make your fairytale wedding the envy of all!

The Dancing On The Clouds effect is produced with the use of our professional machine that uses heated water and dry ice to create this fantastic visual effect. Please be assured, the Dancing On The Clouds experience will not affect or set of any smoke detectors in your wedding venue, this we 100% guarantee and there is no odor to the cloud unlike other cheaper fog machines which are fluid based and will cause the alarms to activate.

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